St. Pancras, Arlington

Entrance Porch © Mark Collins  



The 2010 Quinquennial Report on the church building was received on 17th April  2010.

The main areas requiring repair are the slipped and broken roof tiles, the woodpecker damage
to the shingles on the spire and the porch roof which will need complete re-roofing in the next
five years. We will also have to give some attention to treatment of woodworm and death
watch beetle infestation and also look at closing those places in the eaves and spire louvres
where birds have effected entry to build nests. The old belfry ladder could do with being
replaced by a much safer and easier to use modern system with handrails for safer and easier
access through the belfry hatch.
Apart from the foregoing expenditure, there are the usual more routine areas to be checked
and improved: clearing gutters and drainpipes, cleaning and clearing paths, clearing weeds - 
especially from the walls, and checking stability of tombs, monuments and gravestones.

Some time in the next five years we should also be looking at altering the casement windows
so that they can be opened to give some ventilation to the building  




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